Lotte Hotel IT System (Myanmar)

lotte01 1. Project : IT System Supply

2. Buyer : Posco Daewoo Corporation

3. Period : 2017. 01 ~

4. System – Network – Server, Storage, Security

Revenue Authority (Rwanda)


1. Project :  Revenue Authority upgrade project
2. Buyer : KOICA
3. Period : 2016. 01 ~ 2017. 02
4. System :
– Network,  Server, Storage, Security, POS, UPS
– Monitoring center & Interior

MPSS Sejong Control Center Construction (Korea)

MPSS Sejong Control Center  Construction (Korea)1. Project: MPSS Control Center Construction Project
2. Buyer : Ministry Public Security & Safety
2. Period  : 2016.06~ 2016.09
3. System
– New Control Center building
– Audio/Video System, Video Conference
– Related government interface (54ea)

Adidas Office Movement Project


1. Project : Office Movement Project
2. Buyer : Adidas Korea
3. Period : 2016. 05 ~ 2016. 08
4. System
– Wireless Lan controller & related part
– Design & Consulting



Material Supply for Myanmar Congress, Naypyidaw Myanmar


Title: Material supplying contract.
We have material supplying contract with end user. It is average 12 times a Year in relation to AV system materials, display system materials, and access control system materials.


Commuter Wireless Network System, Jakarta Indonesia


Title: Commuter Wireless Network System in Indonesia (#phase1) (On progress).
Contract Period is from July, 2015 to Nov, 2015. This is the Phase #1. It is from Jakarta KOTA station to Bogor station for Phase #1. There are 25 stations and railway. Basically, this project is composed of Phase #6. We are supposed to provide wireless internet service to passengers in commuters and stations. There are supposed to be Microwave Communication System, Billing System, Wireless Network System, and so on. We also have priority to discuss about Phase #2 project.

ICBC - Ceramiche_Caesar_Glam

ICBC Access Control System, Yangon Myanmar

ICBC - Ceramiche_Caesar_Glam

Title: ACS install for ICBC in Myanmar.
Project Period is from MAY, 2015 to JULY, 2015. We have supplied Access Control System for ICBC Myanmar branch. We have done Structured Cabling and installing Access Control system. We expect to install same or more systems at the additional branches in Myanmar.


The Electrical Receipt System project, Seoul


Title: The Electrical Receipt System project.
The project period was from Apr 2015 to June 2015. We have provided hardware products for the Electrical Receipt System. There are server, storage, Oracle database, and backup devices.


Yeokchon Holiness & Purity Church (A/V system), Seoul


Title : Audio system for Yeokchon Holiness & Purity Church.
The project was in March, 2015. We have provided GAE audio system in terms of speakers. There are various audio equipment such as System12-8, MB12, MS460, MW30, BR115, System6, UB6/H, and System4.


A/V for The Palace Hotel, Seoul


Title: A/V for The Palace Hotel in Seoul.
Project Period was Feb, 2015 to March, 2015. We have provided Video System into Grand Ballroom. What is more, we have installed Audio System in fitness center. Lastly, we have installed PA System in whole building.

Ministry of Security & safety (국민안전처), Seoul

Title: Improvement of the Situation Control System.
Contract Period was from JAN, 2015 to MAY, 2015. We were main contractor as a system integrator. We designed and installation Network Connectivity, Video Conferencing system, Display System. Through this system integration, they can immediately collect every necessary information from every single government office in nationwide.

NamyangJu U-City, Korea


Title: U-City Surveillance System.
Contract period was from Sep, 2014 to Feb, 2015. We were subcontractor as a system vendor. We had provided IBM Servers, and IBM Storage to cover 500more CCTV Cameras.

KOICA Material Supply, Nicaragua

Title: Material Supply for Job Training Center in Nicaragua.
Contract Period was from AUG, 2014 to DEC, 2014. We had supplied material for job training center in order to develop agriculture industry of Nicaragua. This was based on the KOICA ODA FUND.


○ ○ Building, Vientiane Lao P.D.R

Title: ELV Building for ○ ○ in Lao P.D.R
Project Period is from MAY, 2014 to FEB, 2016 (on progress). We are ELV contractor for a new bank building. There are Structured Cabling, CCTV, Access Control, Fire alarm, A/V system, Network system, and Connectivity between all systems.

Video Transmit System of Metro 9, Seoul


Title: Video Transmit System between platform and train for Seoul Metro 9.
As a subcontractor, we have provided video transmit system and its connectivity via wireless, (phase 2). By installing video transmit system between platform and train, driver of the train can recognize exact situation of platform. Furthermore, we can ensure the safety of passengers when people board the train through Video transmit System. Also, we can ensure stability of Video Transmit System by changing SSID rapidly in accordance with the train schedule.

CHDB IBS System, Yangon Myanmar

Title: Construction and Housing Development Bank IBS System.
We have provided design & construction for this project. Project period was from Sep, 2013 to Feb, 2014. Our work scope divided into 8 sections in terms of Building Security System, Audio (PA) System, Access Control System, Network(wired & wireless), Network security, VPN connectivity for branch offices, Conference System, IP PABX System, Fire Alarm System, CATV System, and Structured Cabling System. Through this project, we could make the step stone for business in Myanmar.

Integration Information System Installation of the Security Defence Command, Korea


Title: Integration Information System Installation of the Security Defence Command.
Project period was from Aug, 2013 to Nov, 2013 (Approx. 4 months). We have provided the System Management S/W, Information Protection System, A/V System, Control Console System, and so on. Through our system, they can improve Information Protection System and Integration Security Management System. What is more, they can make proper Cyber Response System. We have applied Server Management System (SMS) and Facility Management System (FMS). In addition, we made effective Management Control Center.


The Hyatt Hotel IBS System, Vladivostok Russia


Title: Hyatt Regency Vladivostok Hotel IBS System (Design & Consulting).
Project Period was from Feb, 2011 to Oct, 2011. Regarding this project, we had done design of several systems in terms of Audio / Video System, IP Television, IP PABX, LAN, Cabling System, and Stage Lighting System. It was marvelous opportunity to study and understand Russian market. Furthermore, we could get many partnership with local ICT companies. We keep trying to penetrate Russian market continuously.


A/V System for The National Assembly Building, Naypyidaw Myanmar

The National Assembly Building AV System

Title: A/V System for The National Assembly Building.
Project Period was from July, 2010 to Dec, 2010. Our work scope were Audio / Video System, Display System, and Total Control System. We had provided design and construction for this building. As a result, it was successful project. This project was ordered from the Ministry of Art Facilities in Myanmar. This building is for congressmen of Myanmar who discuss about national policies. Therefore, we are very proud of this project because we had contributed to very crucial building.

KIPI Network System, Seoul

Title: Institute of Patent Information Network System (Design & Construction).
Project Period was Mar, 2010 to Dec, 2011. We had provided Design & Construction System in terms of Network Configuration and Network Maintenance.

Yong-In Surveillance System, Korea


Title: Design & Construction of Surveillance System for Yong-In City.
Project Period was from Jun, 2007 to Jan, 2013. Our work scope was Public Security for City / School / Park / Building. Thus, we had designed and constructed Total Security Control Center, In doing so, we installed over 1,000ea CCTV cameras, Built Network Connectivity for all cameras, Built outdoor Poles & box, and Built Control center. (Display system, Server, Storage, Interior, etc.)